Calling ALL Year 8 Parents and Carers!

Over the last couple of years, we have been working hard to improve our communication with you. Our web site has been redesigned and is updated regularly and you might also follow the regular posts made through our Facebook and Twitter social media channels.   In addition, we have set up a text messaging service so that you can receive urgent notification for major school events and attendance updates.

The next step to providing you with important information is to introduce the SIMS Parent App. Parent App is primarily intended to provide relevant information for parents as a prompt for discussion between parent and child with NO obligation to follow up with a call to the school/ teacher.

Initially, the Parent App will be used to provide the following information:

  • the school calendar and key dates;
  • whole school messages;
  • your son/ daughter’s timetable;
  • details of their attendance and punctuality (app is usually updated at 10am and 2pm daily);
  • electronic access to progress reports;
  • access to update your contact details to ensure that we always have the most up-to-date information in case of emergency (please note that there will be an approval check made for any changes and usually details can only be changed once in a 12-month period).

SIMS are continuing to develop the Parent App and in the future we might will consider adding access to additional features such as:

We are really pleased to be able to enhance our home/school links in this efficient manner. The attached information gives some guidance to help you take the necessary steps to activate your Parent App account.  It is free to download to an Apple phone (using the Apple App store), or any Android smartphone (from the Google Play store) but you can also gain access using any computer with internet access at .  Further details about the Parent App and support guides will be available on the College web site at .

Over the next few days you will receive an email from sims with a link inviting you to sign up for the app. It is important that you check your email for a link and sign up within 14 days as this link will expire.  Please also check your junk/ trash mail for this email  It is intended that all school reports will be sent via this software from January 2019 onwards, so it is vital that you sign up and access this important information.

If you have any issues getting logged into the app please contact either Mr Rodney Livingstone, Mrs D Wilkinson or myself.

Yours faithfully,

Mr T Manson

Vice Principal