Our curriculum is designed to make sure that students have the opportunities that they need to be successful. Our aim is that young people will achieve their potential to make informed and responsible decisions throughout their lives.

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Music Tuition Programme
At Cullybackey College our aim is to provide opportunities in Music for pupils of all ages, musical tastes and experiences. Our aim is to help pupils develop their musical skills, to grow in confidence, and to have fun making music!
All pupils are given the opportunity to learn a new instrument through our well-established music tuition programme. We work to expand and adapt our provision continually, to meet the needs and desires of our pupils.
Most recently, we have added Ulster Scots tuition to our programme, holding interactive workshops and allowing interested pupils to sign up for lessons on snare drum or Bagpipes.
Private tutors and tutors from The Music Rooms provide the opportunity for pupils to take lessons in:
Guitar (electric or acoustic)
Bass Guitar
Drum kit
Voice (all styles including, classical, musical theatre & rock and pop)
Tin whistle
Snare drum

Extra-Curricular Activities
The college choirs and orchestra both run throughout terms 1 and 2 and perform regularly at multiple events throughout the year. Smaller ensembles are formed in the lead up to key events and recently, as a result of the growth in our rock and pop instrumental lessons, we have had a variety of bands form, performing a mixture of cover songs and original material.
Having the opportunity to rehearse and perform together as part of a larger group has a variety significant benefits for pupils. Not only does it enhance their own performance skills, and develop their musicality, it also helps to nurture their confidence and self-esteem. Pupils also form new friendships, often across the year groups as a result of taking part.
Rehearsals usually take place at the following times during terms 1 and 2:
Junior Choir: Tuesday lunchtime each week.
Senior Choir: Thursday lunchtime each week.
Chamber Choir: Thursday after school rehearsal each week.
Orchestra: Monday after school each week.

Opportunities to Perform
There are a number of events during which pupils are given the opportunity to perform, some of which you can see below:
Prize Day
Harvest thanksgiving
Carol Service
Community Carol Singing
Radio Cracker
Cullybackey’s Got Talent
Open Nights
Spring Concert
Easter Service
School Assemblies
Each year we plan an end of year trip for all pupils who have taken part in extra-curricular music to celebrate their achievements!
If you’d like to know more about any of the opportunities outlines above, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Mrs Marcus via the school email address.