Our curriculum is designed to make sure that students have the opportunities that they need to be successful. Our aim is that young people will achieve their potential to make informed and responsible decisions throughout their lives.

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LLW & Prince’s Trust

Pupils will study three modules within LLW at Cullybackey College.

These are:

  • Personal Development
  • Citizenship
  • Education for Employability

The LLW curriculum helps young people to develop the fundamental skills, knowledge, qualities and dispositions that are pre-requisites for life and work. It informs the development of the young person as an individual, a contributor to society and as a contributor to the economy and the environment.


LLW & Prince’s Trust

Levels Taught:

Post 16


Mrs K Armstrong – (HoD)
Mr T McCracken
Mr M Surgenor

(Subject/Topic Content)


1. Managing Change
2. Aspects of Health
3. Financial Capability


3. Employability and Me
4. Being Enterprising
5. Working in the Local and Global Economy


5. Our Identity
6. Cultural Diversity

Year 9


1. Entrepreneurship
2. First Steps
3. The Ripple effect


3. Understanding Exclusion
4. Towards Equality
5. Exploring Justice and Poverty


5. Health and Well Being
6. Drugs and Alcohol

Year 10


1. Work Smart
2. The New Age of Employment


1. Democracy

Personal Development

1. Relationships and Sexuality

(Subject/Topic Content)

Year 11


  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Rights and Responsibilities
  • Government and Civil Society
  • Democratic Institutions
  • Democracy and Active Participation
  • The Role of NGOs


  • Personal Health and Well Being
  • Emotion and Reactions to Life Experiences
  • Relationships and Sexuality
  • Personal Safety and Well-being
  • Responsible parenting
  • Making informed financial Decisions

Year 12


  • The Impact of Globalisation on Employment.
  • Preparing for Employment: Recruitment and Selection.
  • Rights and Responsibilities of Employers and Employees.
  • Social Responsibility of Businesses
  • Exploring Self Employment
  • Personal Career Management

At KS4 pupils have the opportunity to study Prince’s Trust XL programme.

Year 11

  • Presentation Skills
  • Managing Money
  • Participating in Sport
  • Digital Skills

Year 12

  • Preparing for the World of Work
  • Undertaking an Enterprise Project

Post 16:
(Subject/Topic Content)

Year 13 – AS COPE

Three challenges will be undertaken these are:

  • Research and Presentation Skills
  • Enrichment Activities
  • Career Planning

Pupils will develop their skills in the following areas:

  • Working with Others
  • Improving own learning and performance
  • Problem solving
  • Planning and carrying out research
  • Communicating through discussion
  • Planning and giving an oral presentation

The aims of the qualification are to enable candidates:

  • To develop and demonstrate a range of personal, key and employability skills leading to personal effectiveness.
  • To broaden their experience and manage learning through enrichment activities.
  • To receive formal recognition and accreditation for the above.

Post 16:

Careers service NI
University of Ulster
Queens University