Our curriculum is designed to make sure that students have the opportunities that they need to be successful. Our aim is that young people will achieve their potential to make informed and responsible decisions throughout their lives.

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Student Council

Student Council

The Student Council was created to give a voice to young people who attend the College. Through the Student Council students have the opportunity to contribute to school improvement through the discussion of issues that are important to them by communicating and presenting them, to staff and other students.

The Council gives students a platform on which they can join together, speak out and be heard. It allows staff in conjunction with students to be involved in raising awareness of and progressing a variety of key considerations within the school. This collective approach ensures there is a very positive and fair decision making process across the College. It also allows students to gain experience of the role and work of management in School.

The Student Council helps build the school community by nurturing the free flow of ideas and opinions between students and staff thereby promoting communication, co-operation and enhanced understanding. Students can approach Council members at any time giving ideas to improve the College.

The Student Council is made up of four representatives from all year groups across the College. The representatives meet weekly to put forward ideas and let the student voice be heard. In past years, the School Council have achieved many things, such as:

  • Obtaining a sandwich bar in the canteen,
  • Securing a number of water vending machines around the College,
  • Creating and running our College Mental Health and Well-being Ambassadors initiative, which provides support and care to our student body,
  • Successfully lobbying for a College sensory room,
  • The Student Council also carries out a number of annual fundraising events.

Keep an eye on our Student Council Newsletter which details the amazing work of the Cullybackey College Student Council!