Year 8 Visit Carrickfergus Castle

On Wednesday 31st May, Year 8 visited Carrickfergus Castle to learn all about the history of the castle, the different elements and areas that make up a castle and ways to attack and defend the castle.

The pupils were lead on their journey by the excellent staff at Carrickfergus Castle, who first gave the pupils the opportunity to identify different items and what they would be used for through mystery boxes, followed by a guided tour of the castle.

The pupils asked thoughtful questions throughout, and the opportunity provided an excellent opportunity to find out some more information which will definitely help them in their upcoming history exam.

The busy day also allowed for a visit to the new Coronation Garden in Newtownabbey, erected to mark King Charles’ ascension to the throne. The garden had only been opened the previous week by the new King and Queen, with pupils enjoying the garden and its huge ironwork structure topped with a crown and a glitter ball and ‘dancing’ topiaries and spinning conical trees. Pupils also took a walk along the lough shore identifying the fortified turrets used as look out points during World War Two.

Pupils’ behaviour throughout the busy day was exemplary and staff at the castle, as well as those at the lunch stop and general members of the public sought out Cullybackey staff to mention specifically how well behaved and mannerly the pupils were.