The play, ‘Scribble Talent’ was performed in November by the Cullybackey College Drama Club (CCDC) for year 8 pupils and invited guests as well as a ‘Family and Friends’ evening.

The plot: A teacher, Mrs Taylor, passionately tries to inspire children to embrace their individual strengths and talents. However, she struggles with her own child, Ricky, who creates endless challenges for her as both his teacher and parent. The other pupils are generally mystified by Ricky’s rebellious behaviour, alongside his creative streak. Many questions underlie the issues presented in a light-hearted exploration of the child’s mind and heart in an often challenging world.

The Cullybackey College pupils who brought this play to life are Elsa Brown, Hannah Millar, Madison Boyce, Rebecca Fleming, Ffion Logan, Kiera Ann Barron, Naomi Rock, Deon Horner, Jack Gregg, Mackenzie Cook. The Lighting and Sound Technician was Daniel Carson.