The Christmas Exam Countdown Has Started!

The Countdown to the Christmas exams has started!

On Friday 6th November 2020  the KS3 students at Cullybackey College will be given a copy of their exam timetable for the forthcoming Christmas exams.  The exams will be taking place for ALL KS3 students from Monday 30th November  to Wednesday 2nd December.     Pupils in Year 8 to 10 will receive a specially prepared Revision Booklet that outlines some of the main topics that will be covered in these exams for each of their subjects.    Parents should aim to support their children by encouraging them to revise and prepare for these exams as early as possible.   The results from the exams will be reported back to parents before the Christmas holidays.


Digital copies of the Y8 – Y10 Christmas revision booklet and the School exams timetable can be found on the links below .

In addition Y11 to Y14 have exams from Monday 30th November to Thursday 3rd December 2020 .   Senior students should study the exam timetable carefully as they are not required to attend all days and should only attend on days when they have exam sessions.

Christmas Exam Timetable 2020 TM FINAL

Y8 Christmas Revision guide FINAL 2020

Y9 Christmas Revision guide FINAL 2020

Y10 Christmas Revision guide FINAL 2020