Student Council elections

This week was a very exciting time for Cullybackey College as our Student Council elections took place. On Tuesday our amazing 6th Form Student Council Leadership Team went around each class and delivered a presentation on the role of the Student Council and the importance of the election process. The students were clearly enthused by these presentations as we had a huge 124  students who put their name forward for the election process.

The polls opened on Wednesday at 9 am and the votes started coming in. Students were able to vote electronically by logging into their year group poll via Google Classroom and casting their vote for the student of their choice. The two students with the most votes in each year group were then deemed elected to the Student Council. By the time polls closed on Thursday at 3.25 pm an amazing 394 students had voted.

Below is the list of students who were elected to represent their year group on the Student Council:

Year 8
Zack White 8A1 17 votes
Cameron Devlin 8A4 12 votes

Year 9
Lewis McDonald 9A2 21 votes
Daisy Pritchard 9A1 11 votes

Year 10
Alyssa Woods 10A1 20 votes
Harry McKendry 10A2 16 votes

Year 11
MacKenzie Cook 11A1 20 votes
Robert Steele 11A1 12 votes

Year 12
Ashton King-Hay 12A3 32 votes
Alicia McGorrey 12A4 21 votes

Well done to all those who put their names forward, to those who were elected and to the 6th Form Student Council Leadership Team who helped ensure that the election process ran smoothly.

The 2020/21 Cullybackey College Student Council will meet for the first time next week to discuss the exciting new projects that students want us to work on.

Mr McLaughlin and the 6th Form Student Council Leadership Team