Stress Control Classes

The Northern Trust’s Psychological Therapies Service is running a FREE mental health class in the Ballymena area, commencing on the 30th April 2019. The class is entitled “Stress Control” and is completely free of charge and open to all!

“Stress Control is a six week, self-help course aimed at people experiencing anxiety or depression, anyone who is experiencing stress, knows someone who is, or just wants to be better equipped to deal with stress. People who have attended classes to date identify learning a range of beneficial skills to help them manage stress. The class runs once a week for six weeks. Topics covered include: an overview of what stress is, controlling your body, controlling your thoughts, controlling your actions, getting a good night’s sleep and planning for the future.”

Stress Control is a class not a “group therapy” – you do not have to talk about personal difficulties in front of others.

Ballymena April 2019 Leaflet

Ballymena April 2019 Poster