Sports Dinner 2023

Our Football and Rugby Awards Dinner took place on Thursday 25th May in Milano’s Ballymena. The boys had an enjoyable pizza dinner which was followed by our awards presentation. It has been a great year of sport in school, with football continuing to make strides forward in NI Cup competitions whilst rugby has been unearthed again with our Under 12 and Under 14 re-energised this year. For a full list of award winners see below and also check out our photos.

Staff would like to congratulate all pupils on their successes this year and we look forward to September when we get up and running again. Thanks again to our kit sponsors Mortgage Wise and Wallace’s Ballymena.


Football and Rugby Awards 2023

Year 8 Sports Merit Award 2023 Jack Baird
Year 9 Sports Merit Award 2023 Cameron Smyth
Year 10 Sports Merit Award 2023 Cody Lau
Year 8 Footballer of Year 2023 Cody Pinkerton
Year 9 Footballer of Year 2023 Oliver Calderwood
Year 10 Footballer of Year 2023 Jenja Petrov
Year 11 Footballer of Year 2023 Dylan Lowry
Year 12 Footballer of Year 2023 Dylan Duff
Under 12 Rugby Player of Year  Bobby Munnis
Under 12 Most Improved Rugby Player of Year  Kane Blair
Under 14 Rugby Player of Year  Lewis Maternaghan
Under 14 Most Improved Rugby Player of Year  Ashton Boyd
Sports Personality of the Year 2023 Danny Baird