Senior Achievement Certificates

Each month, form teachers in Cullybackey College nominate one student who they believe deserves the recognition of an Achievement Certificate. On Thursday 26th November during Senior Assembly, Reverend Murphy presented the certificates to the winners.

The winners, and the reasons for their achievements are listed below.

11A1 Andrew Gilmore Always friendly and willing to chat during registration class; very helpful when asked to do tasks during registration.
11A2 Tristan Horner Always a smile on his face and very helpful to me during Form class.
11A3 Jack Stirling 100% attendance and always punctual in the mornings. A friendly and well-mannered pupil who is very helpful during registration.
11A4 Aaron Halliday Always tries hard
11A5 Zara Graham Pleasant and helpful in form class.
12A1 Lucia Bernatova Polite, friendly, positive attitude and putting 100% effort into her work.
12A2 Tamzin Brady Tamzin shows excellent punctuality and is a role model for her fellow pupils through her mature attitude to school.
12A3 Chloe Bates Always punctual, very polite and well-mannered and very helpful during form time.


12A4 Pruksa Siriprapa 100% attendance. Pruksa has settled well at Cullybackey College and is working very conscientiously in all her classes.
12A5 Taylor McKillen Taylor has settled very well this year and is working consistently.
13A1 Emma Henry Excellent contribution to the Peer Mentoring Programme and working consistently in all classes.
13A2 Louise Craig Working consistently in all classes.   Achieved 1st place in Rotary Club Competition
14A1 Adam McDowell 100% attendance. Always punctual, well-mannered and very helpful.
14A2 Catherine Backus 100% attendance. Always punctual, very polite and very helpful.