IN-O-V8 2024 is another huge success!

On Friday 12th January we held our annual IN-O-V8 event from 10:00am to 12.30pm. This has become a hugely popular event in the College calendar and we had the opportunity to host an incredible 790 Primary 7 pupils from 31 local primary schools for a programme of interactive workshops and shows relating to science and technology.

The aim for the day was to engage and enthuse young people about science and technology as well as to showcase the extensive skills of our staff and the learning possibilities available within our College environment.  As ever, the College is keen to build close working relationships with our local primary schools so that together we can create opportunities for all students to succeed.

In addition, the Primary School Principals were invited to a special lunch provided by the College’s GCSE Hospitality pupils. We were delighted that so many principals took the time out of their schedules to attend and the quality of food and service provided by the HE Department was outstanding.

The emphasis for the day was firmly on how learning can be fun. The scientific workshops included walking on eggshells and making rainbows. The technology workshops involved competing to make the best rollercoasters.  In addition, we also had a special Science show from the amazing W5 as well as a fascinating insight into the solar system courtesy of the Armagh Planetarium !

All-in-all a great day was had by everyone.