Museum of Orange Heritage

Recently Year 9 pupils attended a trip to the Museum of Orange Heritage in Belfast. The pupils took part in a variety of workshops during their visit. One workshop focused on ‘The Williamite Wars’ and pupils were given information about King William of Orange and the Battle of the Boyne. During this activity there was an opportunity to view artefacts from the 17th century which would have been used in the battle; this included weapons and surgeons’ equipment. One pupil also had the chance to try on a Williamite Army uniform. The other workshop focused on ‘The First World War’ and pupils were informed about life as a soldier during trench warfare. Again there was an opportunity to view artefacts. However, this time the items were from the period 1914-1918. The pupils were able to hold pieces such as rifles, shells, helmets, gas masks and to try on parts of a World War One soldier’s uniform. Finally, pupils took part in a session on identity and community relations which provided them with the opportunity to consider their own identity and the importance of varied identities, backgrounds and histories in shaping our society. It was a highly enjoyable and worthwhile trip with pupils gaining knowledge on topics they will study this year and next.