Donations to Ukraine!

Due to the appalling situation in Ukraine a number of donation hubs have been established across Northern Ireland, where people can donate items that will be transported to help those people and families impacted by the war.

Locally in Ballymena, a donation hub has been set up.

Cullybackey College would like to do our bit, so we are requesting that any students, parents or staff who want to help, please bring in the following items to Mrs Martin’s or Mr McLaughlin’s room:

• Clean blankets, bed clothes, sleeping bags

• Personal hygiene goods

• Towels

• Ready to eat canned food (not requiring heating or further cooking)

• Nappies

• Milk powder for babies

• Dressings, bandages (factory packed)

• Warm socks, new underwear (male, female and child)

• Toiletries (soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes, antiseptic hand gels/sprays etc)

• Toilet roll and paper towels, sanitary towels, wet wipes

• Paper plates, cups, single use cutlery etc.

• Dry food (fruits, nuts, crackers, cornflakes, rice crackers etc)

• Coffee, tea, salt, sugar

• Bottled water, juices and other beverages

All donations will be dropped off at the Ballymena Collection Point.

Thank you!