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Girls Rugby


Eaton Park Tag Rugby (10th June)

The Tournament was arranged by Tom Wiggins the Development Officer at Ballymena Rugby Club. The schools involved were, Cullybackey and Slemish with Cullybackey providing two teams.

The first match was Slemish v Cullybackey (1) which was a very fast game, the Cullybackey girls were caught out in the first half with the Slemish girls attacking and scoring a lot of tries. They came back in the second half when the girls began to settle and score tries in the opposition’s territory. The game was won by Slemish.

The second match was Slemish v Cullybackey (2), this game was more evenly matched with the both teams having to work hard to get into the oppositions territory. The game was won by Slemish.

The third match was Cullybackey (1) v Cullybackey (2), this game was very exciting with the adrenaline pumping and both teams determined to win a game. The match was won by Cullybackey (2) which had slightly more strength and skill to outwit their opponents.

The girls thoroughly enjoyed the morning as this was a new sport for them to participate in. Next year they hope to get more practice and training to enable them to enter the Ulster Tag Rugby Tournament.