9th January

Cullybackey College 1 – Ballymena Acdemy 1

The Year 10 Hockey team played their final fixture of the Ballymena league against rivals’ Ballymena Academy on Monday 9th January. This was a closely contested match against the Academy girls with Cullybackey dominating most of the game. Both teams were very determined and the game started off at a fast pace on the astro-turf pitch. The Cullybackey girls were constantly attacking and making good attacking passes, which lead to Levi Greer putting the ball through the Academy defence. Cullybackey went into half time in the lead 1-0.

The second half of the game continued with good skill and fitness from the girls. Ballymena got a break through the Cullybackey defence and equalised in the last three minutes of the game. A super game played by both sides. Particular mention must go to Cullybackey’s player of the match Sophie Clugston.

Well done girls!

25th October

Cullybackey College 0 – Slemish 1

The Year 10 Hockey team played the next round of the Ballymena league against rivals’ Slemish on Tuesday 25th October. The girls started off the game really well, with lots of energy and determination. This showed in the game as they spent most of the 1st half in Slemish’s half, constantly attacking and even hitting the post a number of times. Slemish had a few key players who worked hard and kept the ball out of the Slemish net.

The second half of the game showed good skill and but their fitness started lacking. Slemish got one break through our defences and utilised this well by a good goal from one of their key players.

Particular mention must Megan Davidson, Priscilla Kirk and Sarah Smyth as they worked tirelessly in midfield. Abbie Lorimer, Lucy Armstrong and Sophie Clugston played superbly in defence and Levi Greer, Jessica Crawford and Faye Mullan made some super speedy runs up front.

Well done girls!

19th October

Cullybackey College 0 – Dunclug 4

The Year 10 Hockey team suffered their first defeat of the season against rivals’ Dunclug on Wednesday 19th October. The Year 10 team is a mix of old and new players, with some new positions also. It was their first time playing together in new positions which meant they were out-muscled by their opponents.

The second half of the game was more positive and the girls showed good skill and fitness as their confidence grew. With more time practicing after school, the girls have good potential.