CCDC – Anti-bullying Performance – 25th November 2016

The Cullybackey College Drama Club acted out a dynamic anti-bullying performance on Friday, November 25th for Junior Assembly. The piece portrayed the effects of bullying both on the victims and the bully. The performance included strong movement pieces alongside a thought-provoking story that left the audience having to reflect on their personal choices when it comes to being a victim, being part of a bullying group or witnessing bullying.

Actors involved were Year 10 pupils: Dara Borges, Tamzin Murray, Sarah Courtney, Aoife Conney, David Atkinson, Jasmine McCrory, Josh Balmer, Ethan Bradley and Mark Orr. Sound Technician was Jack Wallace and Lighting was Ben Millar.

Script written and directed by Mrs C Drennan


Drama Club Update – 5th May 2016

The Cullybackey  College Drama Club (CCDC) has been busy rehearsing every Thursday from 3:30 to 4:40 on the play, “Why Drama?”

The play has many lively teen characters that explore their feelings and thoughts about the relevance of drama as a subject.  Some love it, some hate it.  The character Stevie, played by Year 11 student Stephanie Coleman, thinks she hates Drama until she discovers her particular strengths as a writer of plays.  The play showcases dance, theatrical movement, dialogues, monologues and a song as the story unfolds and everyone in the audience hears the message that drama is about expressive communication as well as a journey towards greater levels of self-confidence and self-awareness.  The cast consists of thirteen Year 9 to Year 11 pupils and will be performed for The Buick and The Diamond on Thursday, June 16th as well as for our Year 8 pupils.

Director:  Mrs C Drennan


Drama Club Performance

The Cullybackey College Drama Club rehearsed for a Junior assembly performance that took place on Friday, November 20th at 9:00 A.M.

The students involved in the Drama Club are: Maia White, Stephanie Coleman, Abbey Moore, Caitlin Neely, Chelsea Robson, Charles McCready, Aimee McCully and Chloe Millar.  All these Year 11 students have always excelled in Drama activities in their junior years and were keen to be involved in any Drama extra-curricular activities.  The 12 minute performance  uses freeze frames, anti-bullying poems written by teens, a skit portraying the gang mentality of many teen bullying experiences and a dynamic song designed to empower the victim of bullying.  Directed by Mrs Caroline Drennan