College Council Members

2017 – 2018

Year 9

Lydia Kennedy
Halle Millar
Lewis Greer
Noah White

Year 10

Abigail Hanna
Jean Millar
Ismael Mohammed
John Bovill

Year 11

Jack Wallace
Andrew Gilmore
Sarah Hanna
Hollie Smyth

Year 12

Rio Jackson
Tammy Scott
Aaron McPeake
Jack McAtamney

Year 13

Christopher Jamieson
Jack Patton
Nicole Hunter
Kirsty Mcllmoyle

Year 14

Bethan Millar
Catherine Backus
Stephen McLeister
Sam Hutchinson

College Council

The College Council was created as one way of Cullybackey College demonstrating its respect for the rights of the children and young people who attend the College. Pupils can approach College Council members at any time giving ideas to improve the College. Suggestion boxes are placed around the College in which pupils can post their ideas, concerns and requests. These are very much appreciated and are always acted on by the College council members.

The College Council is made up of four representatives from years 9, 10, 11 and 12 and two representatives from 6th form. There are three elected office bearers, Chairperson, Deputy Chairperson and Secretary.

In past years the School Council has achieved many things. Such as:

  • A sandwich bar in the canteen
  • Uniform changes for year 10, 11, 12, and 6th form girls
  • Televisions at lunch in the canteen
  • Prefect ties
  • Water vending machines
  • Internet Awareness evening

The College Council also carries out a number of annual events, such as the Christmas and Valentine’s Day card delivery service.