In the Art Department pupils at all Key Stages are given the opportunity to express themselves creatively through the language of Art and Design. By looking at the world around them through the eyes of the artist, pupils are encouraged to explore and understand their environment visually as the artist Paul Klee states:

“Art does not reproduce what we see. It makes us see.”

To this end, pupils build upon their artistic experiences and further develop their skills through experimentation with a range of different media, materials and techniques.

Through research an appreciation of artists, designers and crafts makers within our own and other cultures is gained, fostering a wider interest in the subject.

Art and Design at GCSE and A’Level, allows for further development of the skills and understanding gained at Key Stage 3 as well as offering a range of opportunities for Higher Level Education and Employment within the vibrant creative industries in Northern Ireland and further afield.


Art and Design

Levels taught:



Post 16

(Permanent staff only)

Mrs C Slack
Mrs E Andrews

(Subject/Topic Content)

Year 8

‘Foundation Unit’ explores the basics of Art and Design – line, tone and colour. Pupils will be introduced to the artists Vincent Van Gogh and Claude Monet.

Year 9

‘Into the Woods’ allows pupils to draw inspiration from the Natural World. This in turn will inspire work within pattern moving onto Batik and Textiles.

Year 10

‘Looking at Me’ explores the theme of portraiture and identity encouraging pupils to undergo a voyage of discovery, including researching artists who have also explored this theme.


Year 11

CCEA New Specification in Art and Design. First completion Summer 2019

Year 12

CCEA Legacy Specification in Art and Design.